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You’ve finally wanted it.

To freelance as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

You scoured the web and found many Pinterest courses are out there.

You feel a little bit scared because you’re not 100% sure which of them are really worth your hard-earned money.

I get that.

Nobody wants to waste their money on a crap course, right?

First off, a full disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Kristen’s course. But that does not affect what I share below in any way. However, it means that if you buy through my link, I get a commission. It also means if you purchase through my link in this review, you will get 3 exclusive bonuses, worth $200. These bonuses are not available anywhere else. <<Go to the bonuses NOW>>

Let me tell you a quick story.

It was April 2017 when I bought the online course “Become a Pinterest VA Today!” of Kristin Larsen.

I’m on my 9th month working as a Fulltime General Virtual Assistant and I realized I needed to niche down, develop my own field of expertise and stop the burnt out I am beginning to feel. Ugh!

Why I chose Pinterest VA jobs? I love spending time pinning personal things on this platform! That’s the only main reason I have lol!

You see..I’m seeking a job that I would enjoy doing, without feeling like I’m working.

Unfortunately, I had no freaking idea of how to get started as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

I have knowledge where to start looking for clients, but I don’t know what packages to offer, what rates I should have, what questions to ask for an interview with potential leads, how to onboard clients, how to do reporting, and how to do all the technical work.

I searched the internet and found random ideas, but do you know the feeling of having broken ideas and you try to connect all the dots and it just makes you overwhelmed?

You felt immobilized and at the end of the day, it seems like you don’t accomplish anything towards your goals at all?

Become a Pinterest VA today saved me from frustration and overthinking. Check out my full review below to see if this course is a good fit for you.

I’m not going to be biased here. A good review should mention some of the highlights of the course and even the downsides, so I cover them both.

What’s good about Become a Pinterest VA Today!?

1. It’s presented concisely and it’s not overwhelming

Even if you will come from a beginner level, it’s not overwhelming. I started the course knowing only how to use the Pinterest app.  Every module is broken down into small videos and texts and I find that very helpful because it’s easy to go back where I had left off.

I only spent around 1-2 hours per day to study as I do not want to overload myself with too much information. The course is designed to go at your own pace and I was able to finish the materials within a month.

I’m sure you can do that too if you will just be consistent daily taking the lessons.

2. You have lifetime access

If you can’t dive into the materials right after you purchased the course, don’t worry you get lifetime access.

And that means even if the course will be updated entirely for the next months or years, you won’t be paying any additional dime even if Kristin will increase the fee.

3. Its content is updated as Pinterest and Tailwind make changes

One of the good things about the course is its training modules are always updated whenever there are new features added or modified on Pinterest and Tailwind.

You will receive an email anytime the course has been updated with new material which is awesome.

4. Access to unique client leads

If you purchase the VIP package, you will immediately earn your ROI from the course within just a month or two once you get your first client from the leads that Kristin provided.

That of course, assuming you do your part – learning the skills and putting it to work.

From my experience, I didn’t get the VIP package. The course had enough information on how you can land your direct clients and I just applied them first.

The secret? There is none! You really have to take action!

I suggest give the DIY package first a try. You can always join the Pinterest Post Community later if you think you need more support and advice in landing clients.

5. 7 Days Refund

I know I know you can’t finish all the modules within 7 days because there are plenty of them.

But once you purchased the course, you’ll have a chance to skim and check all the materials if they are valuable enough.

When you think the contents are not what you’re looking for, email their support team and they will refund your money. Fair enough, right?

What’s not good about Become a Pinterest VA Today!?

1. No Facebook Group Community for the DIY Package

Personally, the first requirement I look before I buy any course is if it has a free Facebook group community.

Because this is another way for me to collaborate, communicate, and share an opinion with other students.

Become a Pinterest VA today has a free Facebook group when I enrolled and every month there is a live Q/A call with Kristin to answer student concerns and questions.

Unfortunately, within a few months later they removed the group and I felt sad about their decision.

The free group was replaced with a Pinterest Post Community and you have to pay an extra amount to enjoy its benefits.

But that doesn’t mean paying additional cost would mean gaining less. Like I mentioned above, one of the major advantages, if you get the VIP package, is access to unique client leads.

This is a good chance for you to land your first client immediately after taking the course.

Other benefits you will get are a community of your peers, dedicated tech support, regularly scheduled LIVE office hours, access to LIVE weekly Pinterest Party and more..

2. It does not focus too much on the actual Pinterest strategy

Honestly, I was expecting a module that covers some actual Pinterest strategies. The course is centered on teaching how to get your job done as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, rates and packages, acquiring clients, and scaling your Pinterest business.

Nevertheless, there are resources provided to be used for your continued learning as Pinterest changes all the time. So be sure to stay aware of what’s going on.

For whom is Become a Pinterest VA today?

Whoever you are, whatever your job is as long as you like using the Pinterest platform on a daily basis and you don’t get bored pinning, writing pin descriptions, searching for keywords, designing pins, creating boards, and joining group boards and tribes.

You are willing to learn the ropes of Pinterest Marketing, put all the lessons into practice and you have diligence and patience in finding and getting your own clients then this course is suitable for you.

Some of the roles of the alumni students I had known with are:

  • new virtual assistants
  • existing virtual assistants looking to niche down
  • stay at home moms looking for a side hustle or extra income
  • bloggers and social media managers looking to offer Pinterest services.

What You’ll Learn in Become a Pinterest VA today!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in Kristin’s course.

Module 1: Understanding the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Role

Become a Pinterest VA today will help you set your strong foundation to be successful as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Module 2: Services You Can Offer, How Much to Charge and Goal Setting for Your New Biz

Discover the different Pinterest VA jobs you can do for clients, how much to charge for them, and learn the fundamentals of how a Pinterest Virtual Assistant works with clients. You’ll be surprised to find out there are actually various services you can choose from.

Module 3: How to Find and Land Clients

Uncover the different ways how to find your dream clients. Find out exactly how to pitch your services to them, how to conduct interviews and how to create your first proposal. This is by far my favorite! Why? Because client means getting paid!

Module 4: How to Work with Clients

Build your confidence and learn how to work with clients in a professional way, without them noticing you are a newbie in this field. From client onboarding, getting paid, to delivering work and reports and the common business entities that you can use to officially start your business.

Module 5: Expanding your Pinterest VA Business

Develop your bigger goals and learn how you can expand your business. Find out how you can increase your efficiency so you won’t be burnout and discover the 3 ways how you can scale and increase your income. Discover how to get good referrals and testimonials from clients which you can use as social proof on your expertise.

Tech Training

Transform your skills from noob to expert with the in-depth, guided training about Pinterest, Tailwind, Smartloop and Tailwind Tribes, Pin Design, Reviewing Analytics, and Promoted Pins.

Additional Resources

Be inspired and learn from the interviews of successful students. Access to a Tailwind pinning calendar and two FREE months of Tailwind to give you plenty of time to become more familiar with the platform.

What if you’re not ready yet to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

When I read the sales page of Become a Pinterest VA today for the first time, I wasn’t 100% sold haha!

Of course, you need to be careful before you hit that “buy button”, right?

So, I checked this FREE Pinterest VA workbook first to test the water and attended the FREE Pinterest Virtual Assistant Workshop.

Or this Be Your First Client Workbook to dip your toe in what looks like to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.


I’m a fan of buying courses for skills I want to learn faster.

Because I love speeding up my learning curve.

Instead of spending so much time researching on my own, I look for successful people who had been there or who’s been there and teaching those people that are interested to be where they are.

But let me tell you this..

No matter how good, informational and helpful a course is, if you don’t take action after watching all the video tutorials and reading materials, it’s useless.

I am forever grateful for Become a Pinterest VA today because after I gained the skills, and created my successful case study, I was able to land my first client while I still have my 6am -2pm General Virtual Assistant job.

It gave me an additional source of income and I can work at my own time.

Because you can charge by packages instead of an hourly rate if you provide Pinterest services.

Then months later, after landing my 2nd client I resigned from my 8-hour job yayyy!

All those super early morning wakeups paid off!

Exclusive Bonuses

Ok, now I want to bribe you lol! If you are serious about how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you will get these 3 Exclusive bonuses from me if you purchase using my affiliate link for Become a Pinterest VA today! ( Make sure you open the link in a new incognito window).

Together they are valued at $200.

Bonus #1 – A blueprint of my detailed Pinterest Strategy proposal I send to clients after we had a discovery call. So far, it’s 99% effective and the 1% is they can’t afford my price 🙂

Bonus #2 – A copy of my Pinterest VA contract I use with my clients.

Bonus #3 – A hard copy book or audio of “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield

I personally love this book and I’m sure you will love it too. I’ll order the book in Amazon for you and if Amazon is not available in your area, I’ll send the audio as a gift in audible.

You will get the first 2 bonuses once the 7 days refund policy is completed and you will get the book or audio after I received my commission.

Just forward me the screenshot of your proof of purchase together with your full name, address where to send the book, and the email you use in audible if you want the audio to liezel@liezelkabigting.com.

So..what are you waiting for? Check out Become a Pinterest VA today NOW!

Still not sold? Check out the STUDENT SUCCESS STORIES HERE 

Want to freelance as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and flexibly work at your own time? Check out my honest review of Become a Pinterest VA today! to see if this course is a good fit for you. #pinterestva #pinterestcourse #pinterestmarketing #virtualassistant

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Want to freelance as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and flexibly work at your own time? Check out my honest review of Become a Pinterest VA today! to see if this course is a good fit for you. #pinterestva #pinterestcourse #pinterestmarketing #virtualassistant


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