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Well crafted Pinterest Marketing Strategies are essential to every business, but the most important part is how to put them into action to make them work.

Setup and Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Setup your business account and make sure your bio is optimized for SEO.

Design Custom Pins For You

Create clickable and winning Pins tailored to your business using Canva or Designbold.

Manage Your Pinterest Page

Split test / optimize your pins for SEO and prove our results thanks to analytics.

Automate Your Pinning

Schedule your pins on the best time your target audience is engaged with the use of Tailwind.

An Optimized Pinterest Profile Boosts Traffic!

Pinterest is an influential visual search engine and optimizing it for your own gain is a very smart move. Remember that what you put on your Pinterest account should reflect your brand.

The Power of Pinterest Automation


Save time

Scheduling gives you the freedom to get everything done at once.

24/7 Visibility

Planning ahead can help your brand stay visible even if sometimes you are busy.

Post on your Audience's Time

Know the best times your fans are active.

Manageable Content

Rather than sending your content all at once, you can schedule your posts throughout the day so you won’t overload your followers.

Here are Some Examples of My Beautiful Pins

I love and enjoy designing Pins 🙂



Why is it Important to Optimize My Pinterest Page?

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine. So, it’s very important to optimize your Pinterest page so that other Pinterest users can easily discover your pins through searching.

The more visible your contents with other people, the higher chance more people will visit your website.


Is There a Guarantee That My Traffic Will Grow?

There are lots of factors to consider to acquire web traffic such as the quality of your contents on your website, beautiful pins, curation of quality contents, keywords relevance, etc.

I am sure if they were executed properly, I guarantee we will have good results. If we come to the point of after doing everything that I could and we are unsuccessful, I’d be happy to refund.


Why Should I Not Focus on My Pinterest Followers?

My main focus is to help you grow your website traffic which could eventually lead to generating leads for your business and increasing your sales.

Why Do I Need to Create Vertical Images?

Pinterest uses an algorithm called “Smart Feed” which based on the quality of your pin, quality of the source that your pin leads to ( your blog or website) and the rating assigned by Pinterest.

Vertical images are mostly the pins that really stand out and gets shared on newsfeed and group boards. If you don’t have vertical images, you won’t be able to share your contents with group boards because most group board owners and tailwind tribes admins only accept contributors that have quality pins.


Why Do I Need to Purchase Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduler tool so that we can automate your pinning and we can reach your target audience on the times they are most active and engage on Pinterest.

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