Today I’m going to show you how I generated 518, 555 Pinterest Monthly Pageviews.

In less than 4 months.

And I accomplished this despite having:

Few Pinterest Followers.

Zero Ads budget.

In this case study, I’ll walk you through the exact step-by-step process that I used.

THE PROBLEM – Pinterest Business Account Visibility and Brand Awareness are increasing super slowly…

Exercises For Injuries is a healthy living blog that provides exercises for recovering from injuries and they have a Pinterest business account that was created last May 2014.

But the problem is they have LOW VISIBILITY on Pinterest.

From the date that their account was setup up until October 2017, they were only able to generate 56, 268 monthly Pinterest Pageviews.

And since they have LOW monthly Pageviews, they have LOW VISITS from Pinterest to website, too.

THE ACTION – Implementing a strategic plan is what we need…

When I submitted the Pinterest strategy proposal to Rick, owner of Exercises For Injuries he was convinced that we should implement it.

Gradually, we started working on the plans and here they are:

1. Optimized Pinterest page based on Exercises For Injuries branding

• Changed the Business Name and Updated the Profile Picture
• Updated Profile Description to communicate with the brand message
• Eliminated group boards that no longer fit the niche
• Archived / Deleted personal boards that no longer fit the brand
• Renamed boards and added boards descriptions to optimize for search
• Placed a blog board in the first-row upper left of the Pinterest page, this board contains only the Exercises For Injuries contents and nothing else.

2. Created Custom Pins or Vertical Images

• Exercises For Injuries has no vertical images to be shared on personal boards, group boards and Tribes and so we started crafting custom pins for their blog posts with the help of their graphic designer. Good vertical images are imperative on Pinterest because they mostly show and shared on Pinterest feed, group boards, and Tailwind Tribes.

3. Joined group boards that are related to Health, Lifestyle, and Fitness

• In a group board, there are other people that are allowed to pin which means if their own followers follow the group board where you are a member of, then they will see the pins you publish to the group board. So, it’s a good way to reach a huge audience and increase your follower growth.

4. Used Tailwind (a scheduling tool) and consistently pinned 25 images/day on group boards and spread out the new produced 10 custom images per week.

• I semi-loop the pins that I shared on group boards so that 25 different images will be shared every day. For more info on how you can semi-loop your pins on Tailwind, click this link.

5. Joined and Pinned to Tailwind Tribes to Boost More Traffic

• A tribe is a group of people that come to a pinning agreement and shares each other pins to their followers as long as it will best fit with their audience. Tailwind Plus plan has a free 30 pins/month that you can share with 5 Tailwind Tribes.

6. Manual Pinning

• I have known that Pinterest changed their algorithm and they have a huge push for manual pinning. So, I did the following:
• Followed 3-5 boards related to our niche that appeared on our home feed
• Pinned 3 – 5 pins from other people’s contents that Pinterest is suggesting on the notifications.
• Pinned 3 – 5 pins related to our niche from the trending section

7. Repinned the Top pinned posts from Google Analytics

• The top pinned posts have been proven that they brought consistent traffic so I just repinned them. To do this, go to your Google Analytics. Click  <Acquisition> <All traffic> <Referrals> <Pinterest>. Just copy the link and paste it into your browser and then repin it to a group board or your personal board.

THE RESULT – Over 518,555 Pinterest Monthly Pageviews

As of February 2018, we were able to generate 518, 555 Pinterest monthly pageviews. Woohoo!

And the visits back to Exercises For Injuries site had INCREASED.

Pinterest is a massive driver of traffic and if every business knows how to play it correctly, they will benefit more and more.

If you need help in using Pinterest for your business, I have one more spot left for a new client. You can send me an email to or you can schedule a free – 30 minutes discovery call with me here

How I Generated Over 518,555 Monthly Pageviews in less than 4 months



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