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Do not join to Nix Eniego and Melissa Profeta’s Social Media Academy without reading this first. Full review below.

So.. the burning question..what is the deal with Nix Eniego and Melissa Profeta’s course, Social Media Academy? I hope this review answers any questions you have.

First off, a full disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Nix and Melissa’s course which means that if you buy through my link, I get a commission from them. To be clear, though, that does not affect what I share below in any way. It does, however, mean that if you purchase through my links in this review, you will earn FREE access to my 1 hour Pinterest Strategy consultation call where I can teach you how to use Pinterest for your business.

If you’re a business owner aiming to leverage Pinterest for your business but don’t want to get started on the wrong foot or if you’re a freelancer who wants to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, I can guide you in the right direction with our 1-hour consultation call. This bonus is not available anywhere else.

So, all that being said, here’s my full review of Social Media Academy by Nix Eniego and Melissa Profeta.

What’s Good About Social Media Academy?

A good review should mention some of the highlights of the program, right? Don’t worry, I cover both sides and mention some of the downsides below.

1. Packed of Value

I had never seen a course like Social Media Academy that covers different social media platforms for an insanely low amount of price. I’ve personally purchased about 3 online courses related to social media and each cost a minimum of $200 teaching only a single platform.

Hence, Social Media Academy has all these educational modules you need to become a rockstar Social Media Marketer and if you’re a business owner, all the content inside the program will help you propel your business.

  • Facebook Marketing Domination
  • Facebook Ads Deep Dive
  • Instagram Marketing Domination
  • Superman Chatbot Blueprint
  • Twitter’s Not Dead 4.0
  • Pinterest Marketing Domination
  • Linkedin Marketing Domination
  • Video Marketing Crash Course (Branding, Video Marketing, YouTube)
  • Closing Clients Like a Boss
  • And many more bonuses..

2. Internship Program

The reality is you can watch all the modules, learn from them and do the activities inside the Facebook group for a month, but without the application in a real-world (real business) you may feel like you don’t have the confidence to offer to clients your newly acquired skills and I get that. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Guess what? Social Media Academy has an internship program and for you to qualify you must have a 100% completion rate of the course and received your diploma. Exciting, right? This is an opportunity for those who are just starting out in the freelancing arena and want to build their credentials.

3. Solid Community

How would you like to have a community where you can have access 24/7? lol! Yes, inside the private chat group, there are morning shift, mid-shift and night shift where you can ask almost anything and students are always willing to help. And the best part? Mentors are interacting daily there too, how cool is that?!

One of the things that the mentors wanted also to push was a dedicated coaching group to make sure that the students are able to maximize all the learning they got from the program.

With this, they decided to create #RiseWithSMA, an inner circle coaching group for students where there are weekly coaching calls, virtual coworking sessions, and #AskMeAnything sessions with guest experts. Now, that’s super insane!

4. Gain New Friends

Working from home can be lonely and you might get depressed especially when you thought you have the skills and yet why you’re not landing clients?

One of the things I am thankful for joining Social Media Academy was I gained new friends with having the same mindset. Even though we only personally met whenever there is a special event like SMA year-end party, I get to talk to them and share insights about our online jobs through chat and virtual coworking sessions.

Catch up with my SMA sisters including hubby after Social Media Academy year-end party 2018

What’s Not Good About Social Media Academy?

1. It can be a bit overwhelming

The list of task threads and live discussions for each lesson and modules are organized, easy to follow and understand, but I do wish that the implementation part is more than 1 month. I’m juggling between my 8-hour Virtual Assistant fix job and the program when I took SMA and I felt a little bit overwhelmed with the new information.

Despite that, I did my best to finish the course and voila! I did it, I’m a certified graduate of Social Media Academy woot! After SMA, I gained more confidence and skills and I resigned from my 8 hour VA job and am now working flexibly with multiple clients 🙂

Don’t worry even though you won’t be able to finish the course for a month, you’ve got lifetime access to learn at your own pace. One solution to overwhelming? Study one platform at a time and take action on your homework to maximize the learnings.

That’s it. Honestly..that’s it. I wanted to find more things wrong with it, but there just aren’t anymore.

The truth is that Social Media Academy is just that full of valuable content and proven working strategies. It’s not for everyone, though, so let’s find out if you are right for the course.

Who is this course for?

  • Virtual assistants who need to niche down in their VA business.
  • Virtual assistants who want to level up their skills.
  • Stay at home moms or wives looking for a side hustle.
  • Corporate working moms who like using social media and want to earn money working from home to replace your 9-5 job (just like I did :))
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build their brand and attract their potential customers using social media

Who is this course not for?

If one or all of these describe you, Social Media Academy is probably not for you:

  • You’re looking for a rich quick scheme work.
  • You’re not willing to spend some time learning.
  • You don’t like using Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter)

Money-Back Guarantee

If after 30 days, you feel like you’ve got absolutely no value from Social Media Academy, what then?

You get a full refund. That’s it. Nix and Melissa offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Boom!

So the last question is..what are you waiting for?

Check out Social Media Academy NOW and message me on Facebook once you joined so we can arrange the FREE 1-hour consultation call.


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