Want to gain support from your social media followers? Use thunderclap! It is a crowd-speaking platform that can help you get your message to the world. You may use it if you are or part of the following:

  • A musician/artist – to announce an album launch, promote video release and even offers special music downloads or share a trailer
  • An event organizer – to announce ticket sales, share tour dates and reveal a festival lineup
  • A part of an agency – to announce a new product and run contests.
  • A political campaigner – to make major campaign announcements and fundraise
  • An author – to announce a book launch, a sale or promotion
  • Fundraising – link your donation page and create a sense of urgency for donations
  • Crowdfunding – to announce the start of the campaign and generate buzz at your campaign’s halfway point
  • Product promotion – to announce new product features and gauge consumer interest
  • Social Justice – to protest for an unjust organization, government, policy, or decision
  • A government agency – celebrate important holidays, promote awareness days for health and even recruit other government agencies to join in your efforts.

Here’s a free tutorial on How to Use Thunderclap:


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