Today, what I want to talk to you about is the importance of running a grand tour at your gym.

Over the last couple of years as I’ve started to teach people the importance of the grand tour, I got a ton of questions. Do I really need to do it? How do I do it? Why is it important? I don’t have time to do it! I don’t want to do it!

Have you ever been to a day spa or any sort of spa before? If you have, one thing you’ll gonna notice what they don’t do is if you go and tell them you want to know more about their spa they don’t say, “Alright, stripped-down!” They throw you on the table and start giving you a little rub down. It would be nice if they did but they’re not going to do that.

What they do is they take you from each different station. They are so nice to meet you and tour you in their resting area where you can change in your robe, drink tea with cucumbers and whatever you can do. They take you to all the different important things that you need to know and they do that for a lot of different reasons:

Number one is to build rapport. They want you to be able to feel like you know them and they know you. They want you to feel comfortable at their facility. They even take you to their retail spot and that’s not by accident.

The reason they do all of this is to set you up to become a happy satisfied raving fan client and that’s exactly what I want you to do with your cheer gym.

There is a book I read years ago and it’s called “The Game” by Neil Strauss. It is about an underworld pickup artist. There is a guy who wants to pick up girls. The reasons why I read it is because it’s a great read and I was in the midst of systemizing my business. I wanted a quick, easy and efficient way to build rapport with prospective members. And this book blew the doors off for me!

I was already married so I wasn’t using it for those purposes. Remember you should always use powers for good, right? If you think about it, a guy who is a great pick up artist has the gift of building instant rapport and that’s exactly what I want.

What they found was there is a concept called the distortion of time and space. What that meant is when a guy is picking up on a girl at a bar and if he moved them into seven distinct locations, and by the time he got to the seventh location with her, she forgot how long she knows him and they built this very strong rapport. Her inhibitions were lowered and she felt like she really just knew this person.

Maybe at the bar, they danced a little, drink, then they walked over to a table and maybe sat down for a while, then they danced over to a different side of the bar and by stop 7, she’s feeling like she knows the guy and she’s comfortable with him.

 It’s the same exact thing for your gym but what I want you to do is you walk them through and think of it as a benefit-driven tour, not features like, “We have great mats!”

It should be something like, “I want you to know that we have amazing mats in our facility and the reason that’s important to you is kids fall. They fall a lot and that’s part of the growth process. The great part about our mats is they are firm enough for them to really get some speed and power on but the good stuff is when they fall down they won’t hurt themselves. They can learn safely and quickly.”

These are examples of benefits and they are important because by the time you get to the last stop you were now able to be seen more as a consultant on which is the right program for this facility versus do you want to buy or not? Makes sense?

Again, your keys are 7 stops and think about what are those seven stops. Is it the front desk? Is it the parents viewing area? Is it the restroom or locker rooms? Is it your retail pro shop? Is it your personal development center area? Identify the most 7 important stops for you.

Videotape yourself and your staff giving a tour. Do it weekly, monthly and over and over until it becomes awesome. See where you can build more rapport and conversation. Are you conversing with a parent or with a child?

Remember you have two clients. You got a parent with a credit card and a kid. You have to make sure they are entertained, engaged and feels welcome. You can do this!

The key to all of these is a grand tour at your facility. Now, I’m going to give you a challenge. Record the video of your grand tour and send it to me and I’ll give you a couple of tips so you can do better.

I know you can do this! This is one of those little hinges that swing big doors that opens you up for massive profitability and success. I wish you well.


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