After I had finished all the modules from the “Become a Pinterest VA today” course, I know I need to act and put into practice what I had learned.

As they say, “A good idea is only about 10 percent and implementation is 90 percent.”

Good thing is my current client (for a confidential reason I am not naming him) has a Pinterest business account and ever since it was set up they have no strategic plan in place on how to use it to increase the traffic on his blog.

So, I asked him if I can help him boost his Pinterest presence and he said YES!
He already had a Pinterest presence before but after I made an audit on his account, I saw some areas that need improvement.

And I am so glad I did it because after working on it these past several months, there is already growth of 94.99% in less than 3 months.

In September 2017, my client reached an audience of 50,307 monthly Pinterest viewers. As of mid of December 2017, the audience reach grew to 98,094 monthly Pinterest viewers.

We were just only starting out and I can see if we will continuously improve our Pinterest marketing and strategies, we will achieve more.

The social media is a great place for you to promote your blog and take it to your target audience. You can tweet your blog posts every time you publish them. You can create an interesting Facebook post so that you can gain attention and hopefully somebody will go beyond and visit your blog instead of just like your post.

But, if you forget about pinning your published posts and you don’t use Pinterest to generate traffic to your blog, you are missing out on a free and valuable marketing tool for your business.

Pinterest is one of the best places to share your content. An average pin travels more than the average tweet or Facebook post. This only means that pins get more shared than any other social media posts.

Studies show that a tweet goes dead in 24 minutes unless re-tweeted and a Facebook post in 78 minutes unless re-posted, but a pin survives up to 1 week and if you have a great visual pin, it will get shared if someone catches attention on it when it showed up on their searches.

The most important thing to remember is to create compelling content and post high-quality images that users will want to share. Although it’s a marketing strategy, creators of Pinterest discourage direct marketing.
The following are ways to market indirectly and drive plenty of traffic to your own blog.

11 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

1. Create a Really Great Pinterest Business Profile

Use your profile to your advantage. Make sure to add your site’s URL and profile picture in your account. It would be best to be consistent on your branding and use the same profile picture across your website and social media profiles.
Since Pinterest works as a search engine, you must add keywords relevant to your business in your Pinterest display name. Let’s say you’re a health coach, make sure to put your personal name + brand name in your “Business name section”. When someone is looking for a health coach or search your name, your profile will pop up.

Pay particular attention to your Pinterest bio. Compose an interesting description that includes your best keywords without sounding overly optimized. You can include what you do and who do you help with. There’s a chance that you can convert Pinterest profile visitors or followers into email subscribers or potential clients if you put a call to action in your bio like a link to your free resources or lead magnet.

It’s also a very good idea to write in your location, especially if you cater to a local market. Make sure that search privacy is switched off so that your profile will show in search results.

2. Create a Board for your Blog’s Best Content and Showcase your Top 5 Boards

By creating a“Best of Board” on Pinterest consisting of your blog articles, it will be easy for your followers to find your blog posts and even follow your blog Board. When you request to join group boards, it will also be easy for group owners to see if you have good contents to share on their boards, thus approving your request will be fast.

Another way you can gain more awareness on your page is to use the “Showcase Feature” of Pinterest. This feature allows people with business accounts to pick five different boards to highlight. So, if your account is not a business account yet, I suggest you convert it now so that you can take advantage of this feature.

If by default, the showcase feature is not enabled in your account, here’s how you can activate it.
Go to your account <Settings>. Click <Profile>. Under <Showcase>, click <Edit>

From the <dropdown> menu, select the Board you want to showcase, then click <Save>

3. Put a Branded Cover Images and Description on Your Boards

Creating a custom board cover images is the best way to show your actual brand design. It will give your account a cohesive feel and look that’s attractive to someone who stops by.

In addition, choose optimized names for your boards. Make them memorable and descriptive while using relevant keywords, and fill them with on-topic pins. You can write your descriptions for at most 500 characters, but of course, you should only use the right amount that’s in the best interest of your target market or customers. An efficiently optimized board has lots of potential for high search rankings.

I even applied putting cover images and description on the boards of my Pinterest personal profile just to see if this will have an effect and every day I started to gain followers and my monthly Pinterest viewers started to increase, too. ?

4. Use Hashtags in your Pin’s description

People love images. A good image, be it funny, commercially appealing, aesthetically enjoyable, or funny, with an appropriate phrase or caption is far more likely to get shared and generate attention than text. To get a lot of traffic on your pinboard, mark an image with a hashtag. This allows others to see every image that has been pinned under the same name.

If you can generate unique photos that relate to your company, online content, and brand, and get people interested in sharing them on Pinterest using a hashtag, you’re going to get a ton of traffic on your pinboard that will track back to your website.

5. Create a Pinnable Graphic Image

Eye-catching pins are essential so that you can capture the attention of your target audience and make them visit your blog and subscribe to your email list.
Now, there are so many available design tools for non-designers to easily create beautiful Pinterest pins and the two of my favorite tools to use are Canva and Designbold.
My client does not have vertical pins for his blog post before and when we started to implement them, our pins get shared and repinned with others.

6. Join Relevant Group Boards

To get more exposure for your brand, you need to join group boards related to your niche.
In Pinterest, you can use the search bar, just type in your client’s niche keyword <space> “group boards”, then select “boards”

Once you selected a group board, you can see from its description how many followers and pins it has and how you can join the group board. The larger the number of followers, the better.

If you will join group boards, most of the time you need to send a request via email and you can find the email address on the board description. Others would want you to comment on their recent pin for your request.
When sending an email request on behalf of my client, I usually use my work email address and my email goes like this:

Once you get accepted as a contributor to a certain board, obey their rules so you won’t get banned or remove from the group.

7. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule

If you want your Pinterest presence to be top notch, don’t just join group boards! Instead, create your monthly pin scheduling and use top tested and proven Pinterest scheduling tool like Tailwind so that you don’t manually do it and would look like you are on Pinterest 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Tailwind makes schedule pins easy and also provide comprehensive analytics. With Tailwind, you can upload images easily and share them from any website. You can also upload images from your desktop, Instagram account or images designed on canvas as they combine with Tailwind. Further, it enables you to monitor and see the number of pins and people who pin on your website.

Another cool feature of Tailwind is you can join Tailwind Tribes where it would be easy for you to find new content for your followers and at the same time you can share yours, too.

8. Enable Rich Pins For Your Site

These kinds of pins will help you make the most of your pins by including more data. There are 6 kinds of rich pins – place, product, article, recipe, movie, and app. For instance, the app pins enable users for downloading your application without leaving Pinterest, product pins display pricing and where to purchase, and place pins display users a map, phone number, and address.

To drive traffic, restaurants and food industries can share their top cookery secrets on Pinterest. Movie industries can share extra details on films, including the director, the main stars and their ratings.

9. Pinning Other Contents

Mix your boards with other people’s content. Numerous significant companies offer you contents they don’t market. However, this is pertinent to their solution and thus blends nicely utilizing their pinboards. Presenting a broad selection of contents attract traffic to your website you might not otherwise get. Don’t overdo the sharing of your own contents. Try pinning 80% of your own content and 20% other people’s contents.

10. Use of Pin it Button

The Pin it button should be added to your website pages to make it easy for people to share your contents. Those links created by “pins” via the Pin It button integrated to your site are “no-follow” links. However, having your content pinned to Pinterest opens up a whole new way for potential customers to discover your content and ultimately your products. This creates another web of links that are bound to catch more leads – better than if you did not have it at all.

11. Commenting and Liking

You can generate interest by commenting on Pinterest as well. Make sure you use thoughtful commentary instead of just a meaningless comment that includes a link to your website. Pinterest will send an email notification to the person who pinned the content you commented on with a link to respond to your comment, so it can create an opportunity for someone to view your website.

Liking is another way for you to be visible to users on Pinterest, but it’s not as effective as driving traffic as repinning content, commenting, and creating pinboards. This is mainly because when you like something, users will only see your username and won’t be given a way to go to your page or your website directly.

Pinterest is a great platform to drive more traffic to your website and advertise your products. You may have wondered if Pinterest is worth your effort and time. It actually saves you time as you can link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s a great way to share socially and visually, and it’s a great way to explore as well.

It’s an amazing place for acquiring new clients and making a little money. If you still don’t have a Pinterest Business account or if you’ve been utilizing your personal account for your work, you now have reasons for getting one.
Stay connected and also proactive with Pinterest constantly. Spending time will keep you updated and can be useful in developing your business.

And if you need help in expanding your business with Pinterest, I’m currently taking on new clients – you can schedule a free – 30 minutes discovery call with me here and let’s crush it together!


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