When I don’t know yet about Dropbox, I always email myself so I can access all my important files and data wherever I go.

There are times I need to access a file but I don’t have the laptop or storage devices with me.

And the worst thing that I have experienced is when my computer’s hard disk failed and all my data and precious photos were all lost in an instant.

Now, I don’t have to worry all about those things.

Thanks to Dropbox! It allowed me to upload my files and automatically synchronize with my devices (mobile,iPad, laptop).

When I changed device, I just downloaded the Dropbox application, logged in my account and all my data are back on my device!

I can view my files anytime, anywhere and I can even share it with my friends and families with no sweat!

It’s like having a virtual hard disk that automatically updates my Dropbox cloud account and the great thing is it’s all for free!

Here’s a free tutorial on How to use Dropbox:



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