Here’s the scenario:

What if you need to create a good looking slide, a presentation, a Facebook poster or an Instagram poster and you are thinking to research on the internet for a sample beautiful design that you can use as reference and then it came out there is no internet?

Or maybe you have an internet connection but it is super slow. It’s just enough for sending an email.

For some cases like that you need to be prepared, especially if you are working as a virtual assistant/professional and one of your tasks is doing slide shows or designing ads and poster for your client. You don’t want an unmet deadline to happen right?

So, here’s a simple solution for that. Make sure you have icon8 installed and make slides using it’s FREE 34,000 ICONS already loaded on your computer. You can download it here

Below are sample slides I had designed using only the flat icons. Why not you try it too and see for yourself how amazing they are.

how to create presentation





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