Pinterest analytics is helpful in monitoring your site’s performance. It will show you stats for all images people saved on your site. I think that would be good enough reason for you not to use Pinterest analytics for your WordPress site.

I’m a fan of using Divi theme, so in this article, I will show you how to confirm your WordPress site on Pinterest if you are using one, too.

1. Login to your Pinterest Account

2. Under your Profile Picture, click <Settings>, then on the right side of your screen, click <Claim Website>

3. Besides your website name, click <Claim website>.

4. This box will appear. Select <Add HTML tag>.

5. Highlight the tag inside the box and copy it.

6. Next, Login to your WordPress Site.

7. Click <DIVI>, Click <Theme Options>.

8. Under “Integration” tab, paste the tag you copied from Pinterest on the “Add code to the <head> of your blog” box.

9. Go back to your Pinterest account, click <Submit> and wait for a verification email from Pinterest.

10. If you want to verify that the tag was added to the head of your blog, open any browser, type your website URL, and click <View page source>.

11. Your page source will appear. Find the tag you copied from Pinterest by pressing CTRL + F in your keyboard. You must be able to find the tag.

12. If Pinterest can’t find the HTML tag on the head section of your blog, you will receive an email about “Trouble claiming your website”.

13. Once Pinterest verified that the tag is in the head section of your blog, you will receive an email about “Website claimed” ?


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